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Q: I didn't receive a copy of my child's report card from her school.  How can I get a copy?

Please contact the international education office and we will check if your mailing address is correct, and send a copy to you.

Q: My child and I would like information on universities and colleges in Vancouver or Canada.  How can we get post-secondary information?

Your child's school counsellor and international student advisor can help.  Ask your child to discuss post-secondary options with the school counsellor or international student advisor.  The Vancouver School Board hosts post-secondary information sessions for international students in grades 11 and 12 each year.  Representatives from University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Langara College, BCIT and Kwantlen College attended last year.

Q: If my child needs assistance in his native language, how can he get it?

The VSB has interpreters and multicultural liaisons to assist students and their parents with school related issues.  Please contact the international education office to request assistance in your native language.

Q: How long will my child need to study English as a Second Language before she can study in grade appropriate English courses?

All students entering Vancouver schools are given English and mathematics assessments upon entering the program.  They are placed in a combination of academic courses and English as a Second Language courses  according to their grade, interests and abilities.  Students who need ESL are tested throughout the year, and can be promoted when their English ability becomes proficient.  Students who are already proficient in English will take a regular course of studies according to grade and interests.

Q: My child needs extra help with his studies.  How can he find tutoring support?

Your child can speak with his school counsellor or international student advisor for assistance.  Most secondary schools offer peer tutoring programs after school.  Counsellors can also refer students to private tutoring services.

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