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Program Description

Aries is a program where Indigenous youth in Grades 8-10 are provided a safe, non-threatening environment in which to learn, grow and enjoy life, regardless of academic or personal challenges. This program runs with support of our community partner Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA). Aries provides a flexible learning environment which includes self-paced components to meet the student’s unique learning needs. Grade 8-10 core academic subjects are offered and are complemented by a variety of junior elective courses that honour and celebrate Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing.

Student progress is managed through the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process which involves the student, caregiver, various stakeholders, and program staff. Adaptations and modifications are made where necessary to meet the needs of the students. In addition to providing educational programming, the program staff is dedicated to working individually with students to focus on their social, emotional, and mental health needs. Transition plans are explored to meet the current needs of the students, as they progress towards their senior grades.

Program Location

Administering School:      

Vancouver Alternate Secondary School

Program Location:

1618 East Hastings, Vancouver, B.C., V5L 1S6


(604) 329-6210

Referral Process:

Referrals for inter-agency programs require a MCFD Social Worker or Youth Justice referral; school staff do not have direct access to refer students to these programs.

Referrals are accepted on an on-going basis and reviewed by a MCFD/VSB screening committee to determine eligibility, placement, and priority.

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