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Other / Miscellaneous Questions

Other/miscellaneous frequently asked questions about school registration:

What qualifications does my child need in order to graduate from a Vancouver School?

  • Students are required to fulfill the requirements set by the Ministry of Education for graduation. If your child has not completed all the required courses necessary to graduate but has reached the age of 19, she or he can go to an Adult Learning Centre to finish the necessary courses.

What happens if my child is not here for the first day of school?

  • If your child is not going to be at school on the first day, notify the school in writing. If the school does not know your plans, a space will only be held for your child for 2 days for an elementary school and 5 days for a secondary school. After that, your child's name will be taken off the school's list.

Does the Vancouver School Board have school buses?

  • School buses are available only for some students who have physical or mental limitations.

Where can I get information about school holidays?

  • Click here to view the district calendar and contact your neighbourhood school for any other non-enrolling school days.
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