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About Us


Tillicum Community Annex was built on its present site in 1966 and was named Hastings Annex.

In 1971 it was renamed Tillicum which is from the Chinook trade language meaning "one's people" or "friend". Tillicum Community Annex is a partner in the Templeton Community Schools HUB and remains an annex to Hastings Main School.

The school is situated beside Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, a long time community agency that provides service to children, youth, adults and families. Tillicum is a large annex of approximately 100 students from Kindergarten to Grade 4. The population is a typical Vancouver mixture of many cultural groups with a large number of ELL students and a significant Aboriginal population.


Tillicum is a safe and caring school that places the highest priority on the needs of our students and their families. Tillicum is a designated Inner City school and receives additional support as a result. Tillicum is part of the VBE Early Literacy project. We have a very successful Home Reading Program that is supported by the parents and community. At Student of the Month assemblies, we honour students who have exemplified our School Code of Conduct in some remarkable way, worked hard toward meeting their academic goals or deserve recognition for their achievement in the arts or athletics. Tillicum school works closely with the Hastings - Tillicum community office and Kiwassa Neighbourhood House to offer programs for our students.

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