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Fundscrip Fundraiser

Do you do your weekly grocery shops at Safeway or Superstore? Order Door Dash when you're feeling lazy? Get gas at Shell or Esso? Emily Carr PAC has organized a Gift Card fundraiser (through a company called Fundscrip). Some schools tell us they make over $10,000 a year just by running this simple fundraiser where you buy gift cards for retailers you already use! It's an easy and effective way to raise money and hope that you will share with your friends and family too. Just register through the link, then you'll receive a confirmation email and can start shopping right away! It'll even show you the percentage & amount Emily Carr PAC will get back on your screen. Please check it out and start fundraising with us!

How to make a direct donation to Emily Carr PAC via School Cash Online

1.Log into your account 


2.Click “Make A Donation”


3.Under “Gift Information”, choose amount you’d like to donate, and select

 “Emily Carr PAC” in the drop down menu next to “Fund Destination” 


4.Please note, there are TWO fund destinations that say Emily Carr, please choose the one that says “Emily Carr PAC”; although donations directly to the school are always warmly welcomed as well.

5.If there is a particular fundraising initiative you would like to support, please make a note of it in the memo box.


6.All donations made via School Cash Online for $20+ will receive an immediate tax receipt which will be emailed directly to you. Please add to cart and proceed to payment 


7. Thank you so much for your contribution!!

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