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How to Register

Please apply online at This is for everyone wanting to attend any school in the Vancouver School District. You will then need to bring documents to verify Status in Canada, Residency, and Guardianship. The email you receive after you apply online will show you what to bring and where to go.

If it tells you to come to Carr to verify documents, please make an appointment by replying to that email or calling 604-713-4941. We take appointments at 10:00, 11:30, and 2:15 on school days.

This registers the student with the Vancouver School District. The catchment school will then contact the family to offer a space at that school, if there is one available in that student's grade. If there is no room in the student's grade, the catchment school will ask nearby schools and find a space.

More information: Student Registration Kindergarten to Grade 12 (

We would like to apply to a District Choice Program (such as French Immersion).

You will still need do the steps above to register with the Vancouver School District. And then, you would apply to a choice program.

More information: Elementary Programs (

Our address is not in Carr catchment, but we would like to apply to Carr.

Thank you for your interest. However, we are a designated Full School, and we cannot take cross boundary applicants.

If your catchment school is full for your student's grade, the catchment school will need to find a place for your student at another school. If that catchment school is near us, it may contact us, and we can reply to the school whether we have space available in that grade at that time.

The District does allow families to apply cross boundary to any school. In reality, however, Full Schools do not have space left after accommodating in-catchment students, so cross boundary applicants cannot be accepted.

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