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Mandarin 11

Mandarin 11 Course Overview

Big Ideas

Listening and viewing with intent supports our acquisition of a new language.

Language and culture are interconnected and shape our perspective, identity, and voice.

The communicative context determines how we express ourselves.

Exploring diverse forms of cultural expression promotes greater understanding of our own cultural identity.

Developing proficiency in a new language provides unique opportunities for careers, travel, personal growth, and study abroad.



Mandarin 11 is an intermediate-level course and is designed for students who have completed either Introductory Mandarin 11 or Mandarin 10, or have had previous Chinese language experience.

Students are expected to be familiar with the Hanyu Pinyin Romanization system and be able to type Chinese characters using the Pinyin system. Through exploring different topics, students gradually work on speaking and understanding the Chinese language, as well as becoming fluent in reading and writing Chinese characters.

This course is offered in both simplified and traditional Chinese versions. Students have the choice of learning either of the two versions.

Where does this course fit?

  • Pre-requisite: There is no prerequisite. However, Introductory Mandarin 11 or Mandarin 10 are recommended prior to taking this course.
  • Upon the completion of Mandarin 11, students will continue with Mandarin 12.
  • Graduation Status:  Elective for graduation

Course Materials

  • All of the course materials are provided online.

Brief Outline



My Body

In this unit, students will learn different body parts and how to describe people’s look.


In this unit, students will learn how to describe symptoms when seeing a doctor and how to write a sick leave note.

Money and Food

In this unit, student will learn different currencies and food around the world.

Health and Nutrition

In this unit, students will learn about diet and nutrition we need to maintain a healthy life.


In this unit, students will learn topics regarding shopping in a store, bargaining, and everyday articles.

Visiting Friends

In this unit, we talk about visiting a friend’s new place and asking for a direction. Students will be able to give a direction in a written or an oral format.

Assessment Percentage Breakdown

Assessment Type

Percentage of the Course





Midterm exam


Final exam


You have up to a year to complete your course.

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