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Pre-Calculus 12

Pre-Calculus 12 Course Overview

Big Ideas

Using inverses is the foundation of solving equations and can be extended to relationships between functions.

Understanding the characteristics of families of functions allows us to model and understand relationships and to build connections between classes of functions.

Transformations  of shapes extend to functions and relations in all of their representations.



Pre-Calculus 12 is an academic course intended for students who will possibly enroll in post-secondary programs that require Pre-Calculus 12. Students who take Pre-Calculus 12 are expected to have a strong foundation of math skills from Pre-Calculus 11.

Pre-Calculus 12 can be divided into 7 major units which are listed below. Each unit will consist of a unit test, two quizzes and a learning guide assignment. Each unit’s mark will consist of 2 quizzes, a learning guide assignment, and a unit test (just a big quiz) that can all be done from home. There is also a midterm exam that covers units 1 to 4 and a final exam that covers the entire course (units 1 to 7). These 2 exams are face to face and must be completed at VLN or at your homeschool under teacher invigilation that is set up through myself and your invigilator.

Where does this course fit?

  • Prerequisites: Completion of Pre-Calculus 11
  • Graduation Status: One of the Grade 11/12 Math options required for graduation
  • Students who take Pre-Calculus 12 are expected to have a strong foundation of math skills from Pre-Calculus 11. Pre-calculus 12 is a pre-requisite for many programs at the post-secondary level.

Course Materials

  • All resources necessary for this course can be found online within the course.

Brief Outline



Unit 1

Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence and Series

Unit 2


Unit 3


Unit 4

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Equations

Unit 5

Rational Functions and Conics (just very basic Conics)

Unit 6 

Trigonometric Functions

Unit 7 

Trigonometric Equations and Identities

Assessment Percentage Breakdown

Assessment Type

Percentage of the Course



Quizzes and Unit Tests


Midterm exam


Final exam


You have up to a year to complete your course. 

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