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Visual Arts 8

Visual Arts 8 Course Overview

Big Ideas

People create art to express
who they are as individuals
and community.

Engagement in the arts
creates opportunities for inquiry
through purposeful play.

Dance, drama, music, and
visual arts express meaning
in unique ways.

People connect to others and share ideas through the arts.



In Visual Arts 8 you will learn how to bring your art visions to life. Whatever medium you prefer—drawing, painting, printmaking, design —this course will teach you the design elements and principals needed to create a work of art, explore your artistic inspirations, travel back in time to look at art in different cultures, and gain insight about the art of critiquing.

Where does this course fit?

  • Pre-Requisite: None

Course Materials

  • You will find readings, videos and other resources linked to the course pages.

Brief Outline



Unit 1 - Breaking into 2D Studio Art

We begin the course with a focus on understanding colour; classifying colour into different categories; different art mediums; and two-dimensional drawing and design.

Unit 2 - Detailing the Design

This unit will focus on the elements and principles of design, and how to use them in your artwork.

Unit 3 - The Creative Process of Art

In this unit, we will gather all of the information we can about creating art as if we were in an actual studio, exploring different types of genres and styles that many artists use and learn about the differences between representational and abstract art.

Unit 4 - Art and its Early Importance

This unit looks at art in some of its oldest forms. We’ll move through the Stone Age into Ancient Egypt, China and Central America to see where and how practices commonly used today originated.

Unit 5 - Everyone's a Critic

In the art world, critiquing is an important part of the artistic process. Critiques are not meant to actually criticize but rather to provide new ideas, help artists improve their art, and let us better understand and describe pieces we are studying.

 Unit 6 - Discovering Culture Through Common Themes 

Different cultures bring very different views and practices to their artwork, which makes viewing art around the world different and interesting. By looking at some of the common themes seen in art forms from around the world, we develop a better appreciation for different cultures.

Unit 7 - Where Art Lives

There are places you can go to see art—we’re going to learn more about these options and the proper etiquette to follow while viewing artwork. We’ll also discuss what you should do with pieces of art you personally create and love.

Unit 8 - Finding a Career Path Through Art


In this final unit of the course students will have a look at possible career paths that are possible in the field of 2D art.

Assessment Percentage Breakdown

Assessment Type

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Midterm exam


Final exam


Your final assessment will be represented on this Proficiency Scale.


You have up to a year to complete your course.

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