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Learning Update


VLN Student Information, 2023-2024

Learning Updates

Please allow at least two weeks for processing final grades once you have completed a course.

  1. We email Learning Updates (formerly Report Cards) to all students or their parents/guardians three times a year, in December, March, and June.
  2. Every two weeks we run learning updates and automatically email learning updates to students who have just finished courses, including their final marks.
  3. Students may request a learning update at any time by emailing with their legal name and PEN (9 digits).

If there are any discrepancies and or questions with a learning updates, please email your course teacher.

Students who wish to have their Grade 10-12 courses included on their Official Transcript in July for graduation must complete their course work and any VLN final exams by the first week of June. 


For Grade 12 or adult students applying to college or university, we can forward interim marks directly to the Ministry of Education and Child Care several times a year. Post-secondary institutions (PSI’s) can access your interim marks directly from the Ministry without your needing to send a sealed learning update to the PSI. You must have completed 50% of the course and you must have taken and passed either the midterm or final exam in the course.

To get a PSI interim mark sent to the Ministry of Education, email your teacher with your legal name, PEN, and course name to request a PSI interim mark. Your teacher will change your student status to “PSI,” and your mark will be sent to the Ministry of Education and Child Care.

We will be in touch with students directly to inform them when PSI marks are due.

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