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Tuition Fees

BC students:

There are no tuition fees for school-age students who are BC residents. Refundable textbook and resource deposits may apply depending upon course or grade selection. 

Canadian students temporarily outside of BC:

School-age Canadian students temporarily outside of BC, whether in another province or in another country, can still take VLN courses for free with proof that they are ordinarily resident in BC.

Canadian students whose parents live outside of BC:

School-age Canadian students in BC, whose parents ordinarily reside in Canada but not in BC, can still take VLN courses with a fee of $800 per course. 

International student fees:

International students enrolled with VSB pay $1150 per course. Non-VSB international students pay $1250 per course. Tuition and fees are conditionally refundable. For information on how to register, see: International Students.

Adult students:

Non-graduated BC resident adults do not pay tuition fees. Graduated adults are not required to pay fees for the following courses:

  • Composition 11
  • Literary Studies 11
  • English Studies 12 or English First Peoples 12
  • Life Sciences 11
  • Anatomy and Physiology 12
  • Chemistry 11 or 12
  • Physics 11 or 12
  • Workplace Math 11
  • Foundations of Math 11 or 12
  • Pre-Calculus 11 or 12
  • Calculus 12 

Graduated adults will need to pay $550/course for all other courses. International adult students will pay international student fees.

 How to make a payment:

  • Student Tuition Fees for VSB International Students pay here 
  • Student Tuition Fees for Non-VSB International Students pay here
  • Fees for Adult students who graduated pay here.
  • Fees for Canadian students, whose parents reside in Canada but not in BC pay here.

Most courses are worth four credits. Grade 10 English courses are worth only two credits. The fees for these two-credit courses are reduced, and students who need to pay for these courses should call our office to make payment: 604-713-5520.

 Refund Policy:

Course TypeAdministrative Fee 
 (For withdrawals and transfers before course start date)
Course Fee Refunds
(Based on date of activation when access to full course is granted)

Adult students


 • 100 % refund available for two days
 • 80% within a week
 • 50% within 30 days
 • No refund after 30 days

International Students$100

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