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Provincial Resource Programs


In addition to the regular block of funds allocated to school districts for the provision of public education, the Province also funds a group of education alternatives known as Provincial Resource Programs (PRPs). These programs are intended to assist districts to meet the educational needs of students in exceptional circumstances.  

PRPs are operated by host school districts and are located throughout the province to serve approximately 10,000 school-aged individuals. Some of these programs are operated in cooperation with other provincial ministries, including the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the Ministry of Health. PRPs enable students to continue learning while in hospitals, treatment centres or containment centres. Other PRP facilities provide specific services for students with special needs throughout the province, either on an outreach basis or within a provincial centre.   

Each year, the Ministry of Education establishes a budget for the operation of PRPs. Districts submit their proposed budgets for the coming school year, including anticipated operating expenditures. A PRP review committee comprising ministry staff considers all budget requests submitted by school boards, on an individual program basis.  

For a full listing of the Provincial Resource Programs, please see the Special Education Services: A Manual of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines on the Ministry of Education Website.

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