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Cross Boundary Application

Students in the Vancouver School District are allowed to register at a school outside of their catchment area as a cross boundary applicant. Cross boundary applications will only be considered after all in-catchment students have been accommodated.

How to Apply Cross Boundary:

Step 1: You MUST register at your English Catchment School BEFORE submitting a cross boundary application.

Step 2:  Complete an online Cross Boundary Application form

Step 3: The school will inform you of the status of your application by: March 31

CROSS BOUNDARY APPLICATION PERIOD No late or early applications will be acceptedFirst school day of FebruaryLast school day of February

Priority categories for cross boundary applicants are:

  • 1st: Non-catchment student with a sibling concurrently attending the same program – has a sibling that will be concurrently attending the same location, in the same program
  • 2nd: Non-catchment student (Daycare) - A student resident in the School District enrolled in child care within the catchment (applies to Kindergarten - Grade 7 only)
  • 3rd: Non-catchment student – A student that is a resident within the District
  • 4th: Non-District student – A British Columbian resident who does not reside in the Vancouver School District

Please note that the online Cross-Boundary Application form is for English program cross-boundary applications only. French Immersion cross-boundary applications are submitted directly to French Immersion school offices.

If you have questions, we encourage you to contact your catchment school principal.

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