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Trans Inclusion

Be a Trans ALLY 



A student's right to discuss and express their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression is respected.  


VSB believes in equitable treatment for all individuals and that everyone in the school community should feel safe, valued and included. Language or behaviour that degrades, denigrates, labels or stereotypes students based on their real or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression is not accepted. 




Resource Recommendations 

 SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Inclusion) 123 The ARC Foundation is a Vancouver-based innovator in sexual orientation and gender inclusion education. SOGI 123 has five-minute learning burst videos, as well as 40- and 90-minute learning modules. These videos and presentations are helpful for educators and parents/guardians to move conversations forward.  


For more information about sexual orientation and gender identity policyplease visit Administrative Procedure 174Board Policy 17 and the BC Human Rights Code. 



Talking About Trans Inclusion 

Prompts to Discuss Trans Inclusion 

  • What is belonging? 

  • What is community? 

  • What makes a school? 

  • What does it mean to be part of a class? 

  • What is bullying? 

  • What is inclusion? How does being included make someone feel? 

  • What is discrimination? Why is it harmful? 

  • What is oppression? How is it connected to power? 

  • What is transphobia? How is it similar to racism and other forms of discrimination? 

  • What is privilege? How does this connect to exclusion, bullying and belonging? 

  • What is intersectionality? 

  • Why is intersectionality beautiful? 


More Teaching Resources 

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