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Senior Life Skills

Program Description 

This Secondary additional year program is designed to support students currently in a regular Life Skills program who need increased emphasis on preparation for the post-secondary adult world in their senior year.

Curriculum Emphasis:

  • communication awareness
  • transition to post-secondary options
  • independent daily living skills
  • work experience where appropriate
  • functional academic skills
  • communication skills

Student Profile

  • · currently in Gr. 11 Life Skills
  • · students who are currently in a Gr. 8-12 Life Skills program who need increased emphasis on post-secondary transition preparation


Referral Process

Life Skills teachers make referrals in consultation with the District Case Manager, Inclusion.

Documentation Required

  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) (Gr. 8-11)
  • Post-Secondary transition plan

Capacity and Staffing

Grades 12 / Additional year

Up to 15 students

1 Teacher and SSA support (level dependent on student need)

Program Location

Tupper Secondary 

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