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Secondary Strategies

Program Description 

This program is designed for students who have a complex learning profile that affects their academic performance and educational engagement. Students in this program may earn either an Adult Dogwood or Dogwood Graduation Certificate.

Curriculum Emphasis:

  • individualized or small group instruction with a focus on skill development
  • experiences designed to increase self-esteem and feelings of success
  • social skills programming to develop interpersonal skills and independence
  • community-based instruction

Student Profile

Students are considered appropriate for this program when they:

  • exhibit an uneven cognitive profile
  • have a complex developmental profile that impacts learning
  • need extensive program adaptations
  • Identified as a student with average cognitive abilities


Referral Process

Strategies referrals are to be submitted to the District Case Manager, High Incidence.

Documentation Required

  • completed “Request for Designation &/or Special Education Program Placement” form
  • completed “Pre-Referral Intervention Strategies” (PRIS) form
  • Psycho-Educational assessment
  • Speech and Language assessment (if available)
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • reports from pertinent community agencies/specialists, (if available)
  • Report Card
  • School Based Team minutes

Placement Evaluation

Student placement is reviewed every spring with the goal of returning students to their home schools. A transition plan between the program staff and the receiving school is developed.

Capacity and Staffing

Grades 8 to 12

15 students

1 Teacher (Support Staff levels are based on student need)

Program Location

Templeton Secondary

University Hill Secondary 


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