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Advancing Accessibility

In June 2021, the provincial government passed the Accessible B.C. Act. Its goal is to support identification, prevention and removal of barriers that people with disabilities face in their day-to-day lives. Public sector organizations – including school districts – are required to establish an Accessibility Committee, create an Accessibility Plan, gather feedback about that plan and about accessibility challenges in general.

We are committed to being accessible to students, families, staff and members of the broader communities. We are dedicated to continually improve accessibility and remove barriers to provide greater equity and inclusion for everyone. 

Our Accessibility Plan is always evolving. Learn more on how we’re making OurVSB more accessible.

Your Voice Matters! Share your accessibility feedback

Take our survey. 

Your answers in survey will help us do better. VSB’s Accessibility Advisory Committee and the Accessibility Working Group will use the information gathered to inform VSB’s Accessibility Plan.

Report a Barrier

Help us identify and understand barriers members of the community may face when accessing VSB services and facilities. Please email with the following information: 

  • What you were trying to access
  • Where the barrier happened and what the barrier was
  • Any recommendations you might have

Thank you in advance for sharing your feedback. It will be reviewed and considered by the Accessibility Committee.

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