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Evaluating Indigenous Education Resources

When choosing educational resources, it is important to consider whether the source speaks authentically to the topic, and integrates Indigenous concepts effectively. 

What Are Authentic First Peoples Texts?

Authentic First Peoples texts are historical or contemporary texts that

  • present authentic First Peoples voices (i.e., are created by First Peoples or through the substantial contributions of First Peoples)
  • depict themes and issues that are important within First Peoples cultures (e.g., loss of identity and affirmation of identity, tradition, healing, role of family, importance of Elders, connection to land, the nature and place of spirituality as an aspect of wisdom, the relationships between individual and community, the importance of oral tradition, the experience of colonization and decolonization)
  • incorporate First Peoples story-telling techniques and features as applicable (e.g., circular structure, repetition, weaving in of spirituality, humour)

Authentic First Peoples Resources, p. 7 (FNESC)

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