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Public Engagement

The Vancouver School District is committed to transparent and accountable public engagement and stakeholder feedback processes to inform planning decisions. Public engagement and stakeholder feedback processes will be designed and developed in accordance with Board policy and District administrative procedures. Public engagement activities are designed based on the IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation.

2024/2025  Budget engagement 
Every year, the Vancouver School Board (VSB) sets a budget for the next school year. Like all school districts in B.C., VSB is legally required to adopt a balanced budget (expenses cannot exceed the funds available) for the upcoming school year. The Board is also required to approve that budget at a public meeting. 

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Preferred Secondary Schedule
The District is engaged students, families and staff to gain feedback on the current secondary school schedule. 

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QEA land surplus consideration
Following the June 2022 decision to close Queen Elizabeth Annex (QEA), the Board is now considering declaring the QEA site and its buildings surplus to the educational needs of the District. No decision has been made. The Board must first decide whether to surplus the land, before exploring alternative land use possibilities. Learn more


Consideration to close QEA
Staff at the Vancouver School District have recommended the Board of Education (Board) consider the closure of Queen Elizabeth Annex (QEA) school site by June 30, 2023. The Board approved the launch of a public engagement process in January, which is occurring February through April 2022.
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Archived Public Engagement 

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