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Fact Sheets

Did you know? 

Studies show health benefits if youth postpone the experimentation with vaping for as long as possible. For optimal health it is best to not vape, especially for underage non-smokers.

Vaping can affect the brain in many ways, which can lead to nicotine addiction, physical and mental symptoms, with-drawl side effects, and long term/short term effects. For more information, click here.

If nicotine addiction can be harmful then why are youth vaping?

It’s easy to feel social pressure to vape. Social media and online advertisements may project vaping as being the norm. Youth may experiment to gain autonomy, belong to a peer group, or because they feel bored and rebellious. It is a way youth try to cope with stress, anxiety or depression. 

SACY works to prevent, delay and reduce problematic substance use. Prevention activities explore the social, emotional, and health impacts of youth substance use.



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