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Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired (PRCVI)

Program Objectives

  • to support BC School Districts and Group I and II independent schools by providing alternate format of provincially recommended learning resources and specialized learning equipment to support the instructional needs of students with visual impairments/blindness
  • to provide professional development and consultation support to vision teachers and other school personnel working with students with visual impairments/blindness
  • to provide alternate digital  learning resources for students with print disabilities in BC schools including through the ARC-BC repository

PRCVI provides the following services to school districts:

  • alternate format textbooks (digital and hard copy), learning resources and specialized equipment for students with visual impairment/blindness
  • instructional resources for teachers in core and expanded core curriculum including life skills
  • training for teachers, transcribers and other school personnel

Referral Process

Admission is based on meeting eligibility criteria for visual impairments/blindness.

Exit Criteria and Follow Up

Once certified as visually impaired/blind, students are eligible for PRCVI support until the completion of grade 12 or if and when their functional vision improves to the point where they no longer meet PRCVI eligibility criteria.

A follow-up process with vision teachers will be undertaken this year to determine the impact that PRCVI resources have on supporting student educational goals and to collect feedback on PRCVI services and training.

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