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Home Instruction, Home Learners and Home Schooling

What are the Differences?

There is often confusion about the differences between the “Home” Services provided to students. This information is intended to help clarify the services

Home Instruction/Home Bound Instruction

This is a service provided to students that are unable to attend school due to a medical condition. Limited home instruction is provided for students who are expected to be absent from school for a minimum of three weeks due to illness, accident, and medical or emotional challenges.  The condition must be diagnosed by a Doctor and must be accompanied by a letter from the medical practitioner making the diagnosis.   

Policies on Home Bound Instruction.

For more information please contact:  Suzette Magri, Learning Services (604)713-5240. 

Home Learners Program

The Vancouver Home Learners’ Program at Beaconsfield Elementary is open to students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. Children are invited to attend their two days of programming each week.  In a three‐way collaboration between student, parents and teacher, each student develops and follows a Student Learning Plan for the year which ensures students meet the learning goals for each grade level as set forth by the Ministry of Education.

The Vancouver Home Learners’ Program is not a Home Schooling program where one might register then pursue their own path; the Ministry of BC curriculum must be met for each student registered in our program. In the Home Learners' Program, a high degree of parent participation in the student’s learning, and collaboration with your teacher is expected. Student attendance on their two days/week is expected.

Home Schooling

The School Act permits parents to provide an educational program for their children at home. They have to register the child as a Home Schooler by September 30 of each year at any school in the district where the child resides. If a parent chooses to home school their child they must let the school know their plans.

The Home Schooler can borrow text books from the school with a deposit and the student and parent may also use the school library in the child's catchment. However, the Home Schooler is not entitled to attend part‐time classes or participate in any school activity. There are no assignments or assessments from teachers while the parent is the primary educator. 

If parents wish to follow the provincial curriculum, in a more structured educational program delivery read about the VLN program below.

Information about Home Schooling be found here.

Vancouver Learning Network Elementary Program

The Vancouver Learning Network (VLN) is a distributed learning program operating within the Vancouver School District. Distributed learning programs are perfect for students who wish to learn at home or need more flexibility in their schooling schedule. If parents wish to follow the provincial curriculum, in a more structured educational program delivery, they should contact the Vancouver Learning Network located in the southeast wing of John Oliver School at (604) 713-5520.

More detailed information on Home Schooling can be obtained from the Ministry of Education website.

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