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Social Emotional Learning Centre (SELC & SELC+)

Program Description  - SELC

The Social Emotional Learning Centre provides support for elementary students to strengthen their social, emotional and behavioural skills. The centre provides a short term (16 week) part-time opportunity for students to learn strategies in self-regulation, social skills, executive functioning and self-advocacy. 

The school team, including the classroom teacher, must be committed to attending monthly Professional Development sessions. These are designed to build capacity in the home school regarding social emotional learning (e.g. Administrator, Counsellor, Classroom Teacher, Resource Teacher).

Program Description  - SELC +

The centre provides a short term (16 week) full-time opportunity.  This allows for a more in depth focus on SEL based on student need.

 Student Profile

  • struggling with the acquisition of skills in the area of social emotional learning
  • additional support has been provided by school based staff (e.g. Area Counsellor)
  • evidence of Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions have been consistently implemented at the school level
  • consultation with the District Case Manager, Behaviour 

Referral Process

All applications to the Social Emotional Learning Centre (SELC) must be submitted to the District Case Manager, Behaviour.

Documentation Required

  • completed “Request for Designation &/or Special Education Program Placement” form
  • completed “Pre-Referral Intervention Strategies” (PRIS) form
  • evidence of Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions implemented
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) (if available)
  • School Based Team minutes. There is documented evidence that the school has provided additional assessment (e.g. Functional Behaviour Assessment) and interventions (e.g. Behaviour Support Plan)
  • DESSA mini assessment
  • Report Card 

Exit Criteria

Placement is for 16 weeks. Student returns to full time placement in their home school.

Capacity and Staffing

Maximum 10 students

Grades 1 to 3

1 Teacher, 1 SSA and 1 SSB

Program Locations

Norquay Elementary (SELC)

Brock Elementary (SELC)

Waverley Elementary (SELC+)


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